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(How to) Make Research Data FAIRer

A systematic approach to research data and software management (RDM) can increase scientific transparency as well as improve the reproducibility and reusability of your research output. While the professional handling of research output has advantages for yourself and your research community, it is also a requirement of an increasing number of third-party funding bodies. Which steps can be taken to make research output more Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and R eusable?

Our 2-part workshop covers good scientific practices of research data and software management. Prior to the workshop you will be provided with some introductory materials on research data management (you should plan for approximately two hours of self-study). This information will form the basis for the first part of the workshop. After the first session of the workshop, we will provide you with some further readings, exercises and questions (a maximum two hour work load). These can be used to reflect on the workshop's content for your specific research project and in preparation for the second session of the workshop one week later.

Learning goals
The focus of our two-part workshop will be on
  • a brief overview of RDM requirements of third-party funding bodies (including information on which types of RDM support you can receive funding for)
  • a brief overview of institutional research data policies and where you can find RDM support (using the University of Potsdam as an example)
  • planning your research with the help of data management plans
  • data documentation and metadata
  • FAIR data, archiving and publishing research data (with a focus on research data repositories)
In addition to the specified workshop times, please plan a maximum of four hours of self-study/reflection before the workshop and between the first and second part of the workshop.


Boris Jacob, M.A.

Coordinator Research Data Management at ZIM and deputy head of the team Organisation and Projects at ZIM

Dr. Janine Straka

Coordinator Research Data Management at the University Library and subject specialist for Biology, Biochemistry and related subjects

Dr. Daniela Mertzen

Member of the Research data management team of the UP and project IN-FDM-BB — Institutionalized and sustainable research data management in Brandenburg


Thu, Nov 9, 2023 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM



Target Group

Promovierende, Postdocs


PhD UP20 €
Postdoc UP/PNB*30 €
Partner institutions120 €
Extern145 €
Postdoc-Netzwerk Brandenburg (PNB): BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) und Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

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